Welcome to ECMO Cares, and thank you for taking the time to consider sharing your story with the ECMO Community! ECMO Cares was developed by the nonprofit organization, Hearts of ECMO, to establish an online community and directory for ECMO patients, their friends, and families.  With ECMO Cares, you’ll have the ability to read ECMO stories from the perspectives of both patients and their friends and family, as well has have the opportunity to contact them. We hope that you will join them and share your own story!

 To start, you should visit the Community portion of our site to read these amazing stories. If you would like your story to be added to the ECMO Cares directory, please follow the simple steps below. You should never hesitate to reach out to us should you have any questions! (

Sharing Your Story – It’s our hope to have ECMO stories from many different perspectives.  If you have friends and family that are willing to share their view, we find it most effective to have all of your stories and images together in one place so that you can simply upload them all at once! Here’s how to get started:

1. Collect stories from your friends and family. Ask your close friends and family to share their perspective in three stages: (i) “Meeting ECMO;” (ii) “Hope;” and (iii) “On the Road to Recovery.”
a. Also, take this time to gather their contact info and an image.

2. Log-on to ECMO Cares and click “Share Your Story” on the top right.

3.Enter the patient’s information (Name, Email, Age, City, etc.). This will serve as your “profile information” on the community-landing page.

a) NOTE: Your actual email address will never be displayed publicly or shared by Hearts of ECMO. Rather, your email address will be embedded in a hyperlink that allows other members of the ECMO Community to reach out to you without ever seeing your contact information. You decide whether you want to respond.

4. Upload a photo – we find that a white background works best and the higher the quality image the better.

5. Tell us why the patient was on ECMO (please try to keep this to a few words)

6. Now to the most important part — share the patient’s story! This can be as long or as short as you’d like, but we think around one page tends to be a good length.

7. Add up to four perspectives! To add another perspective, click “Add Another Perspective.” You’ll be prompted to add the information you’ve already collected in Step 1.

8. Once you are finished, click “Submit.” Upon submission, a member of the Hearts of ECMO team will review your story. In the rare case that we have any questions or would like to make an edits we will contact you. Once we have reviewed your story, it will be up on our directory!